WASHINGTON, DC (CBS4)– Sen. Michael Bennet is urging the Trump administration to take action against the critical shortages of medical supplies and personal protective equipment or PPE.

Sen. Michael Bennet (credit: CBS)

Bennet talked about the coronavirus pandemic and health crisis on the floor of the Senate on Monday.

“We are failing, Mr. President. We are failing to address the seriousness of the public health crisis this country is facing, and we are going to rue the day that we said it was the hospitals’ problem to solve. That it was the governors’ problems to solve. That it was the states’ problems to solve,” said Bennet.

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Bennet also called on Secretary of State Michael Pompeo to take immediate action to ramp up the State Department’s efforts to help stranded Coloradans and other American citizens return home amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Secretary Pompeo must provide guidance and clarity today for the hundreds of Coloradans and thousands of Americans stranded abroad. The Secretary must do everything in his power to direct the necessary resources to address the plight of Americans who feel their government has abandoned them, including providing additional staff for the State Department’s Repatriation Task Force and increasing resources for our embassies as they work to address this challenge. We greatly appreciate the tireless efforts of our consular officers and civil servants in D.C. and around the world who are diligently working to bring Americans home, but they need more support to carry out this enormous task,” said Bennet in a statement.

“American citizens in Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, Argentina, and elsewhere need to know today that they will not be left behind. It is long past time for Secretary Pompeo to provide that assurance.”

Additional Information From Sen. Bennet’s Office:

Coloradans who are stranded overseas are encouraged to immediately register with the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), contact the local U.S. embassy, and reach out to Bennet’s office HERE for assistance.


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