COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that the remains of Gannon Stauch have been found in Florida. The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office says they found the murdered boy’s body in Pace, Florida, on Wednesday.

Gannon Stauch

Gannon Stauch (credit: El Paso County)

“I speak for everyone who’s been involved in this case when I say that our hearts are with Gannon’s family and his friends,” said El Paso County Senior Deputy District Attorney Michael Allen on Friday afternoon.

Gannon was reported missing in late January from the Colorado Springs area and for more than a month the search for the 11-year-old received extensive media coverage. Then on March 2 authorities made the bombshell announcement that his stepmother, Letecia Stauch, was under arrest and charged in his murder. That development came despite the fact that the boy’s remains hadn’t been found.

Letecia Stauch

Letecia Stauch (credit: El Paso County)

Letecia was arrested in South Carolina and didn’t fight extradition back to Colorado. It’s not clear what reason Letecia had for being in that state at that time. During her extradition from South Carolina to Colorado, Letecia Stauch was accused of attacking a deputy in Kansas.

Since Letecia’s arrest, authorities have remained very tight-lipped about their investigation, which is still active even after news of the discovery of Gannon’s body. They do believe the murder happened in the Colorado Springs area.

“We met with the family earlier today and obviously they’re distraught with this information,” Allen said. “They were still holding out hope that Gannon would come home alive despite the original charges that were filed in this case. And they’re struggling. They rightfully would be considering the circumstances of this case.”

With this week’s major discovery, Letecia now faces a new series of charges that include first-degree murder after deliberation, which carries a possible sentence of life in prison without parole.

Police at the scene where Gannon Stauch's body was found in Florida

Police at the scene where Gannon Stauch’s body was found in Florida (credit: CBS)

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who saw her in Pace or Pensacola between Feb. 3-5, to call their tip line at 719-520-6666 or email

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  1. Audrey Louise Daleski says:

    there were many mistakes made in this investigation. she took the body to FL. SHe was NOT kept under surveillance. They would have known she got the body, if she didn’t bring it home in the back of her truck . . . Fortunately FL found this dear young man. She put this little boy through hell and back again. Didn’t his dad know she had prior records? No good use of dogs. Men being paid to walk along sides of highways, on the gravy train. Where is she, they wondered? IN S. Carolina. Oh. They hadn’t a clue.

  2. Not Stonks says:

    The creepy stepmother did it. Her evil eyes and cruel mouth give it away.

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