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DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Broncos are among those doing what they can to help people in need during these difficult times. This includes making sure there is food for families in need.

With schools and businesses closing their doors, nonprofit organizations are looking for help to serve our community.

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The Food Bank of the Rockies are hard at work providing meals for the community, but that could be in danger.

“There are many people who might just have enough food to last them and their families just a few days,” said Food Bank of the Rockies President & CEO Erin Pulling. “They’re going to miss a paycheck and then be forced to pay rent or buying groceries and they are not going to have the resources that so many of us do.”

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Fortunately, the Denver Broncos called an audible. Stepping up to keep the shelves full. After reaching out to the Food Bank of the Rockies on Friday, the team made a commitment to donate 100,000 meals to the Food Bank of the Rockies on Monday. Broncos kicker Brandon McManus chipped in too, adding 20,000 meals through his Project McManus Foundation.

“When we got that call from the Denver Broncos that the Broncos and Brandon McManus are making that financial gift, it gives us so much hope that we can continue to be here for our community because they know that they are absolutely depending on our community more now than we ever had in the past,” Pulling said.

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According to the Food Bank of the Rockies’, the nonprofit distributes more than 155,000 meals per day to reach 30 counties in Colorado and the entire state of Wyoming. The organization has also mastered stretching a dollar as one dollar helps provide for four meals.

Which is why Pulling hopes more people will follow the Broncos lead and give to help the families get through the tough times.

“This time right now for Food Bank of the Rockies is unfathomable,” Pulling said. “The need that we’re about to see as people are about to go without a paycheck. They are going to turn to Food Bank of the Rockies for help.”

LINK: Denver Broncos Helps Food Bank of the Rockies

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