By Karen Morfitt

(CBS4) – Homeowners across Colorado are getting their property tax notifications, but some in Jefferson County are getting more than the standard receipt. County Treasurer Jerry DiTullio says some older residents appear to be receiving a very misleading letter that could end up costing them.

(credit: CBS)

Anne Willhardt was one of the first to bring it to his attention. She has lived in her Evergreen home for more than 40 years.

“Through it all, the kids were all raised here and we love Evergreen,” she said.

They now own their home, and every year she is sure to pay their property taxes.

When she received a letter from Vesper Properties LLC saying her payment was subject to delinquent property taxes, she was both surprised and somewhat confused.

“So I ripped up the letter at first. And then I taped it back together so I could call the treasurer’s office so I could check and see,” she said.

Her call prompted a closer look by Jefferson County Treasurer Jerry DiTullio, who says it immediately raised red flags, as the due date for payment is months away.

“We are looking up these different property tax bills and they are current and what I could tell the fact pattern is that mainly the letter is going to seniors,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

Vesper Properties LLC is a real business out of Arizona, offering fast cash for your home. Their letter includes just enough information to get you thinking you may have missed a payment.

“They’ve got the amount right. They have got the legal description right, the parcel number right. I mean, they have done their homework here,” Whillhardt said.

DiTullio’s biggest concern is someone may pay for a service like financing and end up paying for something they don’t need, and likely with interest.

“I just don’t want anybody to lose their money, especially seniors,” he said.

Willhardt, who is now in her 80s, knows she and others her age have become targets for those trying to make a quick buck.

“I’m sure there are better words, but we will stop with crooks,” she laughed.

Her hope is that sharing her story will protect someone else before it’s too late.

“No matter how official it sounds, no matter how real it sounds, check it out check,” she said, and then repeated those last three words several more times.

CBS4 did reach out to Vesper Properties to ask questions about the services they offer and were told that someone would be in touch, but we have yet to hear back.

DiTullio says his office will never use a third party when it comes to delinquent tax bills, and suggests anyone with questions contact his office.

Karen Morfitt