Dr. Geoffrey Kim Admits 'Unprofessional Conduct'By Brian Maass

DENVER (CBS4) – Dr. Geoffrey Kim, a plastic surgeon involved in a controversial breast implant case, has admitted to “unprofessional conduct” in the case of teenager Emmalyn Nguyen. He will be on probation for three years according to an agreement reached with the Colorado Medical Board late last month.

Kim’s medical license was suspended Jan. 9, but the new agreement, effective Feb. 27, allows Kim to immediately resume practicing medicine, with certain restrictions.

Dr. Geoffrey Kim (credit: CBS)

In addition to having his medical license on probation for three years, Kim also agreed to complete a medical education program, only perform surgical procedures with a licensed anesthesiologist onsite, and complete an ethics program.

In the agreement, Kim admitted on Aug. 1 during a breast augmentation procedure he was performing on the 18 year old, Nguyen went into cardiac arrest and began turning blue after receiving anesthesia from a certified nurse anesthetist.

Kim began CPR and resuscitated the teen, but she never regained consciousness. According to the agreement, Kim “did not contact emergency personnel to transport (Nguyen) to the hospital following the asystolic arrest for approximate five hours.”

Emmalyn Nguyen

Lynn Fam tends to her daughter Emmalyn Nguyen. (credit: CBS)

Nguyen, who was a graduate of Mountain Range High School, remains in a minimally conscious state, unable to speak, walk or feed herself. She needs around the clock care.

“This has to be the hardest thing anyone could go through,” said her mother, Lynn Fam.

The family has filed a lawsuit against Kim.

Emmalyn Nguyen

Emmalyn Nguyen (credit: CBS)

The license agreement between Kim and the state calls for the doctor to pass a course which includes information on anesthesia reactions and a focus on the culture of safety.

He will also have to complete an ethics program within the next year.

If Kim complies with the conditions of his probation, he can have his license restored to “unrestricted” status after three years have elapsed.

Kim’s attorney, Kari Hershey, previously told CBS4, “As a physician, Dr. Kim is not at liberty to comment about any specific patient.”

Brian Maass

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  1. Linda says:

    Why is no one holding the NURSE “Anesthesiologist” responsible??? He wanted to play doctor and a girl’s life was in danger. He’s equally as responsible for this outcome. So much for claiming they’re just as good as doctors.

  2. Donna Gilmore MD says:

    he deserves to have his license revoked, not given a slap on the wrist. he almost killed the patient-isn’t that attempted murder because he failed to contact the appropriate authorities to assist in resuscitating the patient. despicable that he’ll regain his license without any restrictions.

  3. Rob says:

    Why do physicians always get a slap on the wrist? The BOM in every state do little to protect patients. They should be taking licenses and show more backbone. They should not be making trade restriction decision for other professions as well. Magic initials commit mistakes but rarely suffer the consequences.

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