By Conor McCue

DENVER (CBS4) – A portion of people living in Denver’s Elyria neighborhood signed a petition about the noise from the Central 70 Project. The concerns are related to a believed lack of neighborhood consideration during this weekend’s partial demolition of the Brighton Boulevard viaduct.

Ahead of demolition, Kiewit, the construction company in charge, offered hotel vouchers to people living within a block north and two blocks east because of the noise.

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Sandra Ruiz Parilla, who organized a petition, says many others were impacted by the noise and not offered vouchers. On both Saturday and Sunday afternoon, she visited home after home in Elyria, seeing if anyone shared the same concerns as her.

“It was supposed to be my weekend off, but I haven’t even rested because of the noise,” Parilla said.

Parilla’s petition, which she plans to send to Kiewit and the Colorado Department of Transportation, asks the construction company to consider making offers to the whole neighborhood for future projects.

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“We’re right in this neighborhood so we thought that was unfair,” said Richard Zamora, who lives about five blocks east of the demolition. “It was just like inconvenience, like waking somebody up that late at night.

“Not everyone is going to want those vouchers, but at least they consider everyone and went to everyone asked them,” said Parilla.

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Kiewet released the following statement to CBS4: “Through a third-party sound engineering firm, an expected area of noise impact was established and those residents were offered the opportunity to stay at a hotel during weekend demolition. Noise levels were monitored during the demolition work both by DDPHE and Kiewit to ensure our activities were within the allowable threshold. We will continue to work with the community as construction progresses to help make our construction operations as least impactful as possible.”

A spokesman for the company said much of the process was already agreed upon within its noise variance with the city. Of the 40 homes offered a hotel voucher for the weekend, only six accepted.

Conor McCue

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    They should be more concerned about ground zero for the NSM, the Northside Mafia gang that owns that area.

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