By Michael Abeyta

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4)– A nonprofit in Broomfield that helps families going through tough times is going through some tough times of their own. Now the business is asking for the community’s support.

Tasha Vanmarter founded her nonprofit Joyful Journeys 10 years ago.

“I started this program when I was in my parents’ house. In my room. In the basement. In the garage.”

(credit: CBS)

She was working in probation and corrections at the time, but wanted to help people before they got into trouble.

“I saw the aftermath of things and I wanted to help people before it got too far,” said Vanmarter.

She opened a space in Broomfield. It serves as a classroom, food pantry, thrift store, free store for low income families and a sports facility. That was until Wednesday.

The business that rents the space above her accidentally broke a fire sprinkler which sent water cascading into her office and store.

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“It was like a thunderstorm coming from the building above,” said Vanmarter. “All of the classroom is done. All of the office stuff where we actually run the business is ruined. Pretty much everything it’s touched has been contaminated and has got to go.”

For now, a restoration company has dried out the place while Tasha waits to see whose insurance will cover what. Until then they can’t sell anything or rent out space so they can’t afford to make ends meet. Vanmarter is afraid all of her hard work will be lost.

“I know this place means so much to so many people. We’ve worked really hard to build a warm safe environment for people to come and get help and I don’t want to lose that. I’m afraid I’m going to lose that.”

(credit: CBS)

Vanmarter said she needs space with at least 10,000 square feet to move into quickly as well as money to keep operating.

Anyone with space available or to make a donation is asked to contact Joyful Journeys.

Michael Abeyta


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