By Conor McCue

DENVER (CBS4) – With just over a week until Super Tuesday, presidential candidates are taking turns courting Colorado voters. On Sunday, a rally for Sen. Elizabeth Warren filled the Fillmore Auditorium to capacity in Denver.

With a sea of signs and raucous crowd, it was hard to tell that it’s been a tough few weeks at the polls for Elizabeth Warren. At the beginning of the event, she pointed out that her campaign has raised more than $9 million since the debate on Wednesday.

Looking ahead to the South Carolina primaries and Super Tuesday, Warren made her best pitch to Colorado progressives on Sunday afternoon.

“I want to go to Washington, not just to talk. I want to go to Washington to make big structural change,” Warren told the crowd.

Right away, Warren went on the attack — calling Michael Bloomberg the riskiest of the Democratic nominee.

“We are not trading one arrogant billionaire for another, what do you say?” she said.

Then, over the course of an hour Warren promised immigration reform and gun control measures, as well as Medicare for all, universal child care and one of her campaign staples.

“We need a wealth tax in America. It’s time!” she said to the crowd.

With that, Warren, who said she is not a Democratic socialist, pointed out what she calls the biggest difference between her and fellow progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders. He supports the Senate filibuster and she doesn’t.

“If the filibuster is in place and Mitch McConnell does what he did to President Obama, then it’s going to take 60 votes to get any of those plans passed,” Warren said following the rally. “We roll back the filibuster, we can do it on 50 and that makes it a whole lot more achievable.”

The next nine days will be crucial for Warren, who hopes newfound enthusiasm translates to votes and victory.

“I think I am the least risky candidate who stands on that debate stage because I have rock-solid values and I have a history of getting things done,” she said.

Officials say about 3,800 people attended the rally inside the Fillmore, while a smaller overflow crowd listened to Warren from outside.

Following the rally, Warren headed straight to South Carolina, where its primary will be held on Saturday.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Conor McCue

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