LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Students at Centennial Elementary School are working with a local artist to create a large mural to hang in the school. Every student at the school will be represented in the finished piece.

(credit: CBS)

“Centennial is a beautiful school with wonderful children and there really wasn’t a whole lot of artwork going on, and that hurt my little artist heart,” said mixed media artist Amelia Furman.

She has two boys who attend the school.

“I was sitting with Friday folders one day and was looking around and thinking, ‘We can do a mural in here. Why don’t we do a mural?'” she said.

(credit: CBS)

Once all the students had voted on a design, Mural Club was launched.

“It’ll just be like amazing because we all did this,” said student artist Ava Lucil.

They meet twice a week to work on the 30-foot-by-5-foot installation.

“It takes a lot of teamwork to make something very big as a group,” said Lilly Horner, also a student artist,

“We were first going to do about 20 kids, well now we have two groups at almost 30 kids in each group,” said school art teacher Lora Patrick.

“What we are really showing the students is the whole design process and really how an artist works,” said Patrick.

(credit: CBS)

“They got a chance to actually be in the studio with me and try all these different techniques I use on a daily basis and they loved every part of it,” said Furman.

The mural will be composed of different source materials, including smaller works of art and writings, as well as the handprints of all 435 students.

“We get to use teamwork to make artwork and I really like artwork,” said 4th grader Leigha Lynch laughing.

The finished mural will be unveiled later this spring as part of the Student Art Show.


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