COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A large crowd has formed outside the Broadmoor World Arena Thursday morning as people wait to get into the venue where President Donald Trump will be making a campaign appearance later in the day. Republican Sen. Cory Gardner will join the president during the rally.

(credit: CBS)

The rally is set to start at 5 p.m., but some people started arriving on Wednesday.

“My mom is here with me. She’s 76 years old. She’s never been to a Trump rally. She missed the last one when he was up in Fort Collins,” said Kim Desch. “And I told her, the next time he came, I didn’t care what happened — I’d make sure she got here.”

Cory Gardner

Sen. Cory Gardner (credit: CBS)

Colorado’s primary takes place on March 3, Super Tuesday, and Trump is expected to win all of the state’s delegates.

Gardner for Senate Communications Director Jerrod Dobkin issued the following statement ahead of the rally:

“Senator Gardner is looking forward to joining President Trump to tout all the great accomplishments they have delivered to Colorado, including the BLM headquarters, Space Force, delivering clean drinking water to fifty thousand Coloradans, record low unemployment, and more. Senator Gardner is hopeful both Democrats and Republicans will want to celebrate these successes.”

President Donald Trump speaks to supporters during a campaign rally. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Colorado Democratic Party spokesman David Pourshoushtari released the following statement:

“Cory Gardner’s a spineless yes-man who’s sold out Colorado to Donald Trump time and time again. Whether it’s their numerous attacks on Coloradans’ healthcare or raiding millions of dollars from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, it’s no wonder they’re both so profoundly unpopular here in Colorado. We rejected Trump in 2016, and we’ll reject him and his enabler Cory Gardner at the ballot box this November.”

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  1. gail todd says:

    Democrats are corrupt and are poisonous to taxpayers and their families. Be it Joe Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg, Pete or Elizabeth Warren. They all follow the left’s radical hyena’s of Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Al Green, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Talib, Ayanna Pressley, llhan Omar, Val Deming, and Hakeem Jeffries.

    If you vote Democrat, this is what you’ll get….

    -Sanctuary Cities & States..

    -Decriminalize illegal entry into our country.

    -De-fund & terminate Border Patrol & ICE.

    -End all deportations of illegal aliens (if you get here, you stay.)

    -Drivers licenses for illegal aliens.

    -Voting rights for illegal aliens.

    -Late term abortions up to 9 months.

    -Opposed to ANY voter ID Laws.

    -Weaken our Military.

    -Destruction of all private health care (Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren)

    -The Green new deal.

    -Free medicare care for all including illegal aliens (taxpayer funded with a 52 trillion price tag)

    -Free college for all, including illegal aliens. (tax payer funded) Sanders-Warren

    -Disarming Americans.

    -Non citizens allowed to hold public office.


    -Citizenship for millions of illegal aliens & TPS.


    -Massive tax increases.

    -Open Borders.

    -Welfare & Food Stamps for illegal aliens. (Warren/Sanders)

    *View their speeches / debates on you tube or the candidates websites.*

    Democrat-Socialist Goals & Platform:

  2. Britney Bisco says:

    Trump is white trash royalty.

    1. gail todd says:

      What color trash are you?

    2. Dana Veil says:

      Reeled one in.

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