By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver businessman is headed to court after a long battle with the city. Jawaid Bazyar is the owner of and has an office near Curtis and 24th Streets in Denver’s Five Points Neighborhood.

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He says for years people have been trespassing and leaving needles and garbage all over his property.

“In addition to of course human waste… feces. They just come here and camp and do their business wherever,” he told CBS4.

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Bazyar has told his staff to stop cleaning it up. He calls it a health hazard that they’re not equipped to deal with. He says the problem stems from the city not enforcing laws, so they should clean it up.

“Our position is it’s a public issue. It’s the city’s responsibility to take care of public health, and that this isn’t just me or my property. This is a citywide issue, and just picking on certain property owners isn’t going to solve this issue, and it is unfair to bear the burden of the cost,” said Bazyar.

(credit: CBS)

The city released this statement to CBS4:

“In Denver, property owners are responsible for maintaining their property and the area immediately adjacent to their property, including right-of-way space, sidewalk, and alleys (DRMC 49-551 and 57-41). The city does not assume responsibility for private property. Denver Public Health & Environment offers consultation with property owners who have questions about best practices regarding securing and monitoring their property and adjacent areas. Everyone doing their part results in a cleaner and safer environment for customers, neighbors, and community.”

Bazyar is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 21.

“I strongly oppose the idea that I should tuck my tail between my legs and runaway because the politicians aren’t up to making Denver a safe place.”

Dominic Garcia


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