DENVER (CBS4) – A fight broke out in the middle of the Bernie Sanders rally on Sunday evening at the Colorado Convention Center. The Democratic presidential candidate rallied thousands of supporters in Denver in a campaign stop before the March 3 Colorado primary.

(credit: CBS)

CBS4’s news camera was capturing video of the event when two men began fighting. They pushed through a metal barrier fence toward the back near the media risers as they grappled with each other and one man knocked the other down onto the ground after lifting him up.

(credit: CBS)

Friends of both people quickly intervened and after some more shoving successfully broke up the fight.

It wasn’t immediately clear to CBS4’s crew what the two men were fighting about, but someone contacted CBS4 on Monday by phone and said he is a Sanders supporter and one of the people involved. He said his name is Tyler and that a person with a T-shirt on that read “Black Guns Matter” was with two other men and they were booing during the speech. When Tyler tried to capture video of the booing on his phone’s camera, the man shoved him through the barrier. Tyler then retaliated. It was that action which was captured by CBS4’s camera.

Another video provided to CBS4 by an anonymous viewer shows the moments leading up to the brawl. It allegedly shows Tyler, in a jeans jackets, and another man arguing about the man’s shirt. That man with the “Black Guns Matter” shirt also contacted CBS4, although anonymously. He called Tyler the aggressor. The other man identified himself as African American.

“He had a problem with the shirt I was wearing,” this man said. “I was recording the event, he walks up and calls me a racist. But I thought, ‘What’s he know about black lives, about discrimination, or, for that matter, the representation of the shirt.'”

Throughout American history, the man continued, “Black people and their ability to own firearms has historically been very restricted. The shirt I got from a conceal-carry class.”

He said he agrees with Sanders on a number of policies but definitely not on gun ownership.

“I think it’s really a sad thing at a Bernie rally, when someone has a difference of opinion, that someone would be treated like that. I thought it really would be a lot more inclusive than that. It’s not a safe place to express differences. I would expect that sort of thing at a Trump rally.”


Neither one of the men was escorted out — security instead chose to instruct them to separate from each other in the crowd.

Sanders didn’t pause during his speech at any point during the fight.

PHOTO GALLERY: Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally In Denver

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  1. M K says:

    smokin’ dope. he wuz stoned

  2. dorian says:


  3. Michael Rudnin says:

    Some minor scuffle lasting less than 20 seconds is not even a fight, yet I’m sure the media will blow it out of proportion … watch the video, there’s no punches thrown.

  4. meowmcvey says:

    The irony is, he would be welcome at a Trump rally. He just doesn’t know it yet.

  5. Tyler216 says:

    funny how boomers hate on bernie and his supporters by throwing around socialism and communism. the older generations benefitted from more communist like programs such as social security that won’t be around for younger people. college was cheaper then too. bernie could be good for america folks.

    1. Reasonable Extremist says:

      No, not true. Social programs with a pay-in/payout, like social security, have been solvent for generations but are on the verge of bankruptcy simply because we live longer and the number of those paying in has not kept pace with the number of retirees. On the other hand, giveaways like “free” college and single-payer are the version of social security where nobody pays in and the benefits go out twice as fast. The bankruptcy does not take 70 years – it will not take even 70 months.

    2. John Beckwith Jr. says:

      “generations benefitted from more communist like programs such as social security that won’t be around for younger people”

      By implication you just exemplified the failure of Socialism……

  6. Epsilon Silver says:

    When Betas go wild!

  7. William McLaughlin says:

    “Black Guns Matter” isn’t a race comment, or a comment about African-Americans owning guns. It’s a comment about the AR-15, the most popular rifle in America, and the right of the American people to own it.
    Since they are commonly finished in black, they are sometimes called, “Black guns”.
    It’s also about the media calling it an “Assault Rifle” (obviously something evil), while Homeland Security calls the Fully Automatic M4 version a “Personal Defense Weapon” (clearly a good thing).
    ARs are Semi-Automatic. They fire one bullet at a time, like Barney Fife’s revolver. Personal Defense Weapons, and their specified 30-round magazines (Yes, Homeland thinks 30-round magazines are a good idea) can spit out those 30 rounds in 7 seconds.
    And, anyone who thinks violence is limited to Trump supporters, has not met the Far-Left Antifa..
    FYI- I’m a Liberal, a life-long Democrat, Pro-Liberty, and (hence) Pro-Gun.

  8. larryladd says:

    Guess he was TRIGGERED. Rock me.

  9. Jess Sain says:

    Can’t you communists just get along? You need to stay united to destroy America. P.S. on that day, when you have signaled war, I’ll be there. On the other side.

  10. D John Purcell Purcell says:

    That’s a real problem for Leftists who cannot handle free speech on the Left…

    1. D John Purcell Purcell says:

      The 2nd Amendment Matters

  11. r s says:

    They were arguing over which was the more compassionate and tolerant Democrat.

  12. Wizzid0 says:

    You are right about “Black Guns Matter.” The very first gun-control laws were designed to keep black folks from defending themselves. You should attend a Trump rally wearing that shirt and see if you get the same reaction from the crowd. They will love you.

  13. TomAZUSA says:

    Actually I wouldn’t expect that at a Trump rally. It is people that try to disrupt and protest that end up getting pounded at a Trump rally. These people at the Bernie were not even trying to disrupt because they are both Bernie supporters, they got into a fight over a difference of opinion. Which I would expect at a Dem rally. Just wait till Bernie and Bloomberg supporters are in the same room. I would not be surprised if they got into some scuffles, since they have more than a few ideological differences.

  14. Cuthbert J. Twillie says:

    So this Bolshevik and a Trotskyite walk into a Bernie Rally and a fight beaks out.
    …. to the surprise of no one, ever.

  15. B Welkinator says:

    This is NOT a brawl – it’s a minor scuffle. A brawl or melee involves a ton of folks. This is not even “making a mountain out of a mole hill” it’s more like making a pimple to be Mount Vesuvius

  16. Brian says: Here He is!
    Bernie Sanders Sings Mandy!

  17. Did they take off their Brownshirts first?

  18. Danno says:

    I bet the ‘aggressor’ with the tee shirt was a DNC plant.

  19. John Lott says:

    “I would expect that at a Trump rally”. You have learned well grasshopper. Mao would be proud of you.

  20. yukiko70 says:

    There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism – by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide. ~ Ayn Rand

  21. just a sneak preview if
    ANY of the communist candidates
    get in the highest office in the country!
    ….but it will be fighting over
    bread and water after all the
    “free” stuff runs out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. david l davis says:

    Maoist vs Trotskyite?

  23. Prez Clinton says:

    Love the young Black mans statement. I’m glad he realizes the sycophant hate that has consumed the Democratic Party, especially the Socialist Bernie fanatics. JUST WALK AWAY from this insanity.

  24. Mark Dimperio says:

    This is considered ‘Bernie on Bernie’ crime. The punishment is more free stuff.

  25. Valerie Lynn Hammett says:

    Triggered lefties…ewww

  26. Shane says:

    The fact that you expect that sort of thing at a trump rally proves you are completely clueless. These things have not been happening at Trump rallies. Typical delusional, misinformed leftist.

  27. Rodger Clemons says:

    Not much of a fight, I was hoping to hoping for a little early morning entertainment. If this is all the fight that bernie bros can muster, well ——-?

  28. Mark Dimperio says:

    After the fight, did they break into a ‘Seig Heil’ chant?

  29. Fabiano Kroeff Saboya says:

    communists being communists

  30. Oveida Sinclair says:

    A group of buffoons at a National Socialist rally

  31. bic says:

    that is only the beginning…

  32. Jon says:

    Obviously right wind lunatics have nothing else to do besides name call instead of policy call out left wing politics… Republicans will destroy Ameirica, return to facsim and water will be is as expsensive as gas in 10 years.

    1. Al says:

      “Right wing lunatics”call out left wing Democrat socialist policies all the time. It’s easy. They’re just the same old, tired, failed socialist ideas in a shiny new wrapper for the uninformed and gullible. Plenty of history that proves it. Plenty of history that free-markets are VASTLY better.

      Obamacare….gonna save $2500 a year, keep your doctors and plan. Oops! That didn’t work out so well now did it…… Now it’s Medicare for all, same lie, new shiny wrapper.

      Americans like success and prosperity and there is a lot of that going on right now to Trump’s great advantage. Gonna be hard to sell that pie in the sky socialist snake oil to a prosperous nation, with historically low unemployment across the board, rising wages across the board, but even more so for lower income earners. People’s 401s are not doing well, they’re doing GREAT!

      I know im a lunatic and a fascist or whatever other childish insults you wish to respond with. Go for it! Have fun with yourself!
      I’ll see you in November!

    2. pf airfoil says:

      Maybe in your new world order, someone might learn ya to spel gud…eh?

    3. Jim M. Ryles says:

      When the right fights back , you’ll know it….Until then we’ll be peaceful, which is more than can be said about the socialist and communist left.

    4. @jon
      you obviously have your labels
      backwards , have dyslexia or
      just plain don’t know how to
      read, because…
      EVERYTHING you’re stating applies to and
      is what the
      communist left live, eat and breath for!!!!

    5. robertwestmoreland says:

      And the dems response is free college, health care and housing. How’s that going to work out?

  33. Tony Wilson says:

    Dear Mr. Anonymous,
    Maybe you would expect that at a Trump rally, but you would be wrong. Sadly, it is the Left that is taking matters to violence. Perhaps you could learn something from the experience.

  34. Bricktop says:

    Just an example of the LEFT being “tolerant”.

  35. Why does anyone think it’s OK that a racist attacks a black man at a Bernie Sanders rally? Why isn’t that guy in jail?

  36. soulsweet says:

    Why do Bernie Bros think they’re peaceful?

  37. DaddyHypo xX says:

    “something I expect at a Trump rally” Except it hasn’t happened at a trump rally which has had thousand more attendees (except the one time, in El paso, when a drunk guy pushed a camera man). Silly Liberals, the party of tolerance have become aggressors.

    1. Tyson Mclane says:

      Did you really just say it does not happen at trump rally’s?

      What rock do you live under? its happened many times now to much of a worse degree at that.

      1. Justin Lakely says:

        Of course you have proof? Oh thats right you don’t what that is. If there were fights we would see them on every news channel all over the world. Doofus!

      2. Yaspar Kyashred says:

        It has? How about a link to one? Just one? You can’t ‘cuz there aren’t any. You lefties seem to think that whatever you assert becomes automatically true. Like “muh Russians.” Not one shred of evidence, but leftwing news and comments are filled with “Orange Man Putin Puppet.” At some point you’d think you’d get tired of being wrong. MAGA 2020 KAG

      3. Shane says:

        CNN have cameras at EVERY Trump rally. How many violent videos have you seen from Trump’s rallies?

        Provide links, please. Unless you’re..ya know…lying as usual.

      4. cjk says:

        What Trump rally fights ????………….EVER. ….ANYTHING negative about Trump or his supporters is immediately put front and center on every MSM ‘news’ outlet 24/7.
        This is how I KNOW that Trump is the cleanest and least corrupt political figure probably in history.

      5. r s says:

        Has not happened at a Trump rally, you are either lying or passing along lies.

      6. r s says:

        Just wait til Bernie doesn’t get the nomination. THEN you will see fights, fires, destruction, smashed windows, all of their favorite tactics.

      7. Greg says:

        Oh, the only time assaults happen at Trump rallies is when a Trump supporter is attacked by someone there to protest the Trump event/rally. Us Republicans don’t have that infighting problem that lefties do – we don’t try to out-conservative each other like you folks like to out-woke one another.

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