By Michael Abeyta

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – They say if you can move, you can dance, and you don’t need to see to be able to move. At least that’s one dance instructor’s motto he’s trying to proving with one student at a time.

After one particularly painful breakup, Moises Hinjosa decided to get out of the house and meet people by going to a Latinx dancing club.

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“And as soon as I got there, there was a couple dancing and they were amazing.”

He asked the woman to dance and learned her partner was actually her teacher.

“I said, ‘oh let me have his number then,'” joked Moises.

He learned how to dance and kept going back to the club. Then fate would intervene.

“I met someone that I invited to go out dancing and she was blind,” said Hinjosa. “The instructor didn’t know how to modify the instruction so I thought ‘I could do this.’ So I pulled her aside and started teaching her how to move her body and where to place her feet.”

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She told him no one had ever tried to teach her how to dance because they assumed she couldn’t. That’s when he decided he needed to teach more blind people how to dance.

“Because they’ve been excluded from partner dancing for a long time.”

Saturday he taught a whole room full of people who are visually impaired how to dance Bachata. That includes Alfonso who loves to play music and move his body.

“It makes me happy dancing,” said Alfonso. “I recommend it for any musicians it helps you with your music skills as well the dancing.”

(credit: CBS)

His students pick up the steps quickly and seem to be having a good time. Smiles like the ones they get when they put it altogether make all of Hinjosa’s effort worth it.

“It’s freedom. They get to connect with the person and be in the moment and feel the music. It’s liberating,” he said.

Hinjosa offers private lessons. If you want to hire him you can email him:

Michael Abeyta


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