COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman who once ran for mayor in Colorado Springs was arrested in Washington. Deputies in Pierce County say the suspect, who goes by multiple aliases, tried to kidnap a baby.

Juliette Parker (credit: Pierce County Sheriff)

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Deputies say Juliette Parker and her daughter posed as photographers and drugged a mother of a newborn on Feb. 5.

The victim told deputies the suspect offered free newborn photos in a Facebook group to help build her own portfolio.

“She had said she was looking for a pregnant woman, but she gave me some emphasis on being very near their due date,” said a different, unidentified mother.

The victim says Parker came over to her home three times, took selfies on her on cellphone with the baby and then wiped her fingerprints off of items she touched.

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Then Parker and her 16-year-old daughter allegedly gave the woman a cupcake, and the victim later reported feeling numb and drowsy.

She told the two suspects to leave, called police and noticed her house keys were missing.

“We believe the lady was deliberately planning on selecting a baby and kidnapping the baby and leaving the state,” investigators said.

Parker also goes by Joliette Noel and Juliette Gains. She and her daughter were arrested on multiple felony charges.

KKTV reports Parker lived in Colorado Springs from 2016 to 2019.

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She is expected to be arraigned in Washington on Feb. 18.