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LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– Thousands travel to the U.S. looking for their slice of the American dream, but for those who don’t speak the language or understand how the banking system works, it might be difficult to achieve that. That’s why FirstBank is stepping in to help those people out.

Tony Oum knows what it takes to be successful in America. He watched his parents do it.

Tony Oum

Tony Oum (credit: CBS)

“My parents came to this country as refugees,” he said. “They got the opportunity to open a restaurant,” said Oum.

They wouldn’t have been able to achieve their dreams without a little help. They reached out to FirstBank because at the time they had a Chinese president who helped people like his parents understand how the banking system works in America. It’s why lots of people from all different backgrounds come to FirstBank still.

“They see, ‘Oh, this person understands my language and most importantly they understand my culture,'” said Oum.

On Thursday, FirstBank opened the first Multicultural Banking Center in Lakewood. There, customers can receive banking services in their preferred language.

(credit: CBS)

“We speak Spanish, Chinese, Cantonese, Chinese mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese I speak Kmai. We can support those customers,” said Oum.

Oum is now the Senior Vice President at FirstBank. He knows the bank’s support can have a generational impact on families. He said making dreams come true like the company did for his parents is why they decided to open this center.

“We have grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and cousins come to those closings and you know they are really excited,” said Oum.

In addition to the banking center in Lakewood, FirstBank has set up branches all over the Denver metro area that specialize in Spanish, Asian languages or have a Black or African American focus to them.

(credit: CBS)

The locations are:

Spanish Banking Centers
Multicultural Banking Center, Lakewood
38th & Federal, Denver
104th & Colorado, Thornton
Federal & Alameda, Denver
Highway 34 & 23rd Avenue, Greeley
Green Valley Ranch & Tower, Denver

Asian Banking Centers
Multicultural Banking Center, Lakewood
120th & Sheridan, Westminster

Black/African American Banking focus (Limited services in Ethiopian)
Multicultural Banking Center, Lakewood
Havana & Iliff, Aurora

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