DENVER (CBS4) – After weeks of dry weather in the Denver metro area, plow workers with Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) were eager to hit the roadways to clear snow. More than 68 plow drivers were deployed to battle the first of several snow bands set to hit Denver in the coming week.

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“We also deployed our fleet of residential plows at 8 this morning, clearing those side streets,” said Heather Burke with DOTI.

Burke said the team of plow drivers have spent recent weeks fixing potholes and stockpiling supplies in preparation of upcoming storms. Thursday night, through Friday, they were finally given the chance to hit the streets again.

“They love the job of clearing the streets to make sure people can move around efficiently. Some of them actually look at is as a game, like clear the streets as fast as they can,” Burke said.

(credit: CBS)

Burke said the city is always prepared for the storms ahead, with guaranteed funding to make sure roadways during storms are prioritized. Staff members are said to always be prepared for long work weeks of clearing snow.

“They’re in Colorado, they expect anything. They expect dry spells. They expect blizzards. They’re prepared for whatever the weather will bring us,” Burke said.

(credit: CBS)

The city planned to operate their plows on the side streets of Denver until 6 p.m. Friday. One single pass would be made on those roadways, down the middle of the street. The purpose isn’t necessarily to make the roads clear for residents. Rather, the hope is to prevent icing, while also clearing a path to the more maintained major roadways.

“We’re ready to go,” Burke said.

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