WASHINGTON DC (CBS4)– Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette is making good on her promise to ask the tough questions of the CEOs of the five largest manufacturers of e-cigarettes. Those companies make up 97% of the U.S. market.

Teen Vaping

(credit: CBS)

DeGette, a Democrat representing Colorado’s 1st Congressional District, chairs the House Oversight and Investigations Committee. That committee questioned the CEOs on Wednesday.

DeGette told the men that she believes teens using e-cigarettes and vaping products don’t understand the danger and asked if they thought there were health risks.

(credit: CBS)

“Do you all agree that there’s a youth vaping epidemic in this country and people under 21 should not be using e-cigarettes including your products, Mr. Crossway?” asked DeGette.

The responses included, “I completely agree,” “Absolutely,” and “One youth vaping is too many.”

DeGette met with teens in Colorado earlier this week.

(credit: CBS)

“We want to know what’s drawing our students to use these potentially dangerous products. And then we want to take their stories with us back to Washington as we confront the companies that make them.”


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