By Kelly Werthmann

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – The coronavirus outbreak has created a global health emergency. Even though no one in Colorado has been diagnosed with the illness, some people aren’t taking any chances.

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“I wash my hands… a lot,” Mike Young, co-founder of the Colorado Preparedness Educational Network, said. “It’s a very unusual virus and, because of that, people probably have no immunity.”

Mike Young (credit: CBS)

The retired environment expert and Coast Guard veteran explained the group gets together monthly and he teaches them how to be ready for any emergency, including health pandemics.

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“It’s primarily a training group that makes people aware of emergencies that might occur in their lives. We also do standard first aid, advanced first aid, wilderness first aid,” Young told CBS4’s Kelly Werthmann. “We do a variety of things, one of which is preparing for pandemic like flu, so the coronavirus comes to mind.”

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With so many unknowns about coronavirus, including how contagious it might be, Young said there is no reason to panic. Instead, he says, just be prepared.

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“If coronavirus showed up in Colorado, which it hasn’t, you might want to start wearing a mask in public and some gloves,” Young said, showing CBS4 some of the products he keeps on hand. “Every American should be prepared for likely emergencies that we really think are reasonably likely to happen, rather than worrying about aliens or zombies or strange stuff like that.”

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Mike said he isn’t so much worried about coronavirus in the U.S. as he is widespread flu, but encourages everyone to follow any developments to follow any development in the public health emergency.

“Just be paying attention people,” he said.

LINK: Colorado Preparedness Educational Network

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