By Michael Abeyta

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Joseph Kniss knows what it’s like to be down and out. He used to be homeless, but through hard work he pulled himself off the streets by starting a scrapping business.

Joseph Kniss (credit: CBS)

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Then, at the beginning of the year, everything fell apart. He had to miss work because his work truck was wrecked.

He told CBS4’s Connor McCue, “It’s probably going to take two-thirds of my income away and this setback is going to push me back years.”

Joseph Kniss

Joseph Kniss (credit: CBS)

After telling his story on CBS4, Joe got the surprise of a lifetime. John and Carol Sessum gave Joe their old truck.

John told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas, “When you run across somebody that really needs help that’s when I like to stand up.”

(credit: CBS)

Joe started working again and decided he would try to sell his old truck. He posted it online and had a few potential buyers, but then Joe met James Mantzaris.

“His story was fascinating to me. It was just amazing that he went through what he went through,” said James.

(credit: CBS)

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James could relate to what Joe went through. His work truck was recently stolen and wrecked.

“I could still drive it but the heat doesn’t work, the windows don’t roll down the dash doesn’t work. It’s not safe,” said James.

James offered to buy Joe’s old truck, but Joe had other ideas.

(credit: CBS)

“Something just clicked to me. I’ve got to give this guy this truck,” said Joe. “Yeah, I probably could have used the money but this man right here is out of work.”

James was flabbergasted, “It was overwhelming. It’s just like if more people did that, that’s what this world needs.”

(credit: CBS)

James said he can use parts from his old truck to fix up his new one. He hopes one day he can continue to pay it forward.

(credit: CBS)

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“We have to finish this. We have to show other people what this is all about,” said James.

Michael Abeyta