DENVER (CBS4) – Two Colorado Businesses are teaming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It’s a pilot project that brings together craft beer and marijuana.

(credit: CBS)

Denver Beer Company and The Clinic say they will use technology created by Earthly Lab.

“This concept is simple. By capturing carbon dioxide produced in the beer brewing process and using it to cultivate cannabis, we are helping two industries succeed, reducing emissions that are contributing to our climate emergency,” said Gov. Jared Polis.

(credit: CBS)

The carbon dioxide helps stimulate plant growth during cultivation. With the new technology, the brewery is expected to capture more than 100,000 lbs. per year, officials say.

LINK: Earthly Labs CO2 Exchange

  1. chanhol says:

    Does this even make sense to do? We have efficient companies concentrating and selling CO2 to the MJ industry (and others). What’s the carbon/energy footprint of the small-scale Denver Beer Co capture compared to just letting it go into the atmosphere and the large-scale gas company capture it later?

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