By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – As Denver works to repeal its breed-specific ban on pit bulls, one family is concerned the repeal will lead to tragedy.

Sharon Sucharski of Centennial with her grandson Dax (credit: CBS)

“Dax was 14-and-a-half months old. He loved vegetables, a funny thing for a kid to love, but he just loved vegetables. He had a great smile, he had a silly little hair do because his hair hadn’t grown in yet,” said Sharon Sucharski of Centennial, remembering her deceased grandson. “They were at the friend’s house numerous times. The pit bulls were raised, they were loved. They’d been raised since pups by these people. The dogs are coming back in and she was standing on her back porch and the pit bulls attacked the owner and Dax. No reason whatsoever. Pit bulls can be very unpredictable.”

(credit: CBS)

Sucharski has been speaking up as Denver City Council works to repeal a 30-year-old breed ban. An organization was started for Daxton to educate people about dog attacks. She says 186 people have been killed since her grandson died in 2013.

“What’s more important? A dog, or a person? Is someone owning a pit bull more important than our grandson? Than any person,” she said. “If this ban is working to keep the number of attacks down, then why change it?”

(credit: CBS)

During a committee hearing on Wednesday only one person spoke out in favor of the ban. Many more people were in favor of repealing the ban, saying it hurts both dogs and people.

The Denver City Council will hold a public hearing on repealing the ban in early February.

Jeff Todd