DENVER (CBS4)– Lucky’s Market is selling most of its stores in 10 states. Some stores in Colorado are included in that group.

(credit: CBS)

Progressive Grocer and other trades report that 32 of 39 Lucky’s Market will be sold and 20 stores in Florida will close.

Lucky’s is based in Niwot; that location will remain open as will the North Boulder location. Stores in Longmont, South Boulder and Wheat Ridge and Denver’s Lowry location will close.

(credit: CBS)

Kroger said it wanted to divest the stores. It’s unclear what will happen to 14 stores under construction, but it’s believed to be cancelled.

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  1. An amazingly poor report — you say not a single word about why Lucky’s Market is closing stores; even more bizarre is the statement: “Kroger said it wanted to divest the stores.”!

    1. If this was a middle school current event write up I’d give it a solid C+.

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