By Ashton Altieri

DENVER (CBS4) – It has been more than 3 weeks since Denver has measured snow. During that time the mountains have experience several snow events while it’s looking more possible Denver could finish January without measurable snow. That has only occurred twice in the city’s history.

Although it has been 24 days since the last measurable snow in Denver, the total for the season (29 inches) is still above normal through January 21 thanks in large part to big snow events in October and November. Nearly a foot of snow fell in Denver just before Halloween and nearly 10 inches fell just before Thanksgiving.


(source: CBS)

Despite the lack of recent snow, no part of the Front Range is under any stage of drought. Elsewhere in the state about 50% of Colorado is experiencing at least moderate drought which is ironic considering how much snow has fallen in the mountains so far this season.

(source: CBS)

Furthermore, almost every ski area in the state is running above normal with snowfall and snowpack numbers remain above normal for all eight river basins in the state.

(source: CBS)

Much of the drought stems from several months ago when very dry weather dominated much of the western slope and across much of southern Colorado. Just as drought takes awhile to develop, it takes awhile to diminish.

Over the next three days in the mountains will see more snow although total accumulation will be relatively minor with 2 to 6 inches at most of the ski areas. Isolated higher amounts are possible including near Rabbit Ear Pass east of Steamboat Springs.

(source: CBS)

None of the snow will reach Denver and the Front Range and we have no precipitation whatsoever in Denver’s forecast for at least the next 7 days. It’s possible a rain/snow mix could develop next Wednesday (January 29) but the chance for accumulating snow looks grim at this time.

Ashton Altieri


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