DENVER (CBS4) – Protesters rallied outside of the National Western Stock Show on Sunday to call for an end to what they all animal abuse. The group says the rodeo animals go through cruel and barbaric practices for our entertainment.

(credit: CBS)

The Northern Colorado Animal Save group wants to end that practice.

They say they gathered to educate people and encourage compassion.

(credit: CBS)

“I would like to see rodeos boycotted and banned because using animals for entertainment. Exploiting them is not fun. It’s not entertainment. It’s not calf roping, it’s basically plummeting and bullying an innocent animal that has no ability to fight back,” said Julia Weingardt,

The National Western Stock Show says they take animal welfare and safety very seriously, and have veterinarian staff on hand 24/7.

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  1. Colorado Pam says:

    I will NEVER go to a rodeo again. My husband and I attended last night with friends who had free tickets and I quickly remembered why I do NOT go to rodeos. I actually have video of a Bronco horse being hit in the head, slapped and slammed around because it sat down instead of coming out of the chute and bucking. It obviously did NOT want to participate.SO MEAN. It was horrific to see and I had to stop shooting the video and look away. I called the National Western Stock Show this am to file a complaint and speak to someone on the Animal Welfare Committee.It went to a voice mail. The only events that do not appear abusive are the barrel racing and the mutton busting. I cannot unsee what I saw. it was definitely animal cruelty. I hated it.

  2. Cally Smith says:

    Thank you for spotlighting this. Animals aren’t ours to use for any purpose. It’s completely unnecessary. So sad that so many animals are taken straight from this event to the slaughterhouse right down the road. I saw a truckload of little sheep forced into the slaughterhouse while I was there

  3. Eric Mills says:

    “If it gets to the point where people think rodeo is inhumane or cruel, they quit coming, and then we’re out of business.”

    –Tom Hirsig, CEO, Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, in the July 27, 2018 WYOMING TRIBUNE EAGLE, “CFD, animal activists see two different rodeos”

  4. Zach says:

    Since you couldn’t win the argument, you simply attacked their grammar instead.

    If they were chasing after dogs on horseback, roping them around the neck and violently yanking them to the ground and then tying up their legs, you’d have no issue calling that animal abuse.

  5. Tom Fannon says:

    Stop these types of events. Circuses, rodeos, running the bulls even in Spin they set bulls on fire and spread flammable pitch over them and watch them go crazy. Humans have been around for 1000’s of years. Time to come out of the caves and realize every type of animal is important and not here for the sick entertainment of humans.

  6. “… it’s basically plummeting [sic] … an innocent animal …” — “plummet” is an intransitive verb.

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