(CSB4) – Research announced by Monday by the consumer finances agency WalletHub ranked Colorado second among the 50 U.S. states in a comparison of the best and worst places in the country to retire. The study rated each state with estimates on affordability, level of health care, and general quality of life.

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Florida won top prize by a statistically wide margin despite scoring mid-pack in the level of health care, which was Colorado’s most favorable measure.

Third-place New Hampshire was dragged down only by its affordability index.

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The Rocky Mountain region was well-represented. Colorado neighbors Utah (No.4), Wyoming, (No.5), Idaho (No.9), and Montana (No.12) scored well overall.

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Wallethub stated that only 26 percent of non-retired adults have saved money for retirement. With such narrow margins, many American workers approaching retirement will need to weigh where they retire as heavily as when.

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After seeing CBS4’s report, Gov. Jared Polis wrote the following on Facebook:

“Colorado is one of the best places to retire in the country. We have such an amazing quality of life for people of all ages including outdoor recreation, good weather, and lots of fun activities. Our work to improve public transportation, reduce healthcare costs, improve air quality, and help older adults thrive has a common theme: we are coming for you, Florida!”

  1. Glenn Rogers says:

    They must be all idiots that wrote that.every one i now that can is selling there houses had getting out of this state when they retire.

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