(CBS4) – Colorado Department of Public Safety officials say a state multi-mmission airplane flew over the area north of Fort Morgan Friday night. They are investigating suspicious drone activity.

Those investigations will continue through the weekend.

(credit: Dept. of Public Safety)

“Members of the CIAC (Colorado Information Analysis Center) will continue to analyze data and gather information regarding prior reports of suspicious drone sightings,” officials stated Saturday.

(credit: CBS)

Further details about operation plans were not released as to not “impair the effectiveness” of the investigation.

An official update is expected on Monday.

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management said there was a report of a drone coming in dangerous proximity to a medical helicopter on Wednesday. The drones reportedly have 6 foot wingspans, which makes investigators think they don’t belong to a hobbyist.

State officials hope the operator using drones will come forward to help clear up the confusion.


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