DENVER (CBS4) — Brad Petersen is a tournament angler and guide. He has been fishing since he was 3 years old.

(credit: Brad Petersen)

“I think there is so much you can learn out in nature that you just can’t experience inside an urban environment,” he said.

“The thing I really love about fishing is the challenge and being out in nature, but it’s always constantly changing.” Every experience is different, but one thing remains constant.

(credit: Brad Petersen)

“The challenge is what I love, but what got everyone hooked on fishing from the start is the tug on the end of the line.”

Brad hopes to inspire fishermen of all levels to get away from passive fishing.

“They think about just sitting on the bank and throwing a rod out and just waiting for a bite to come by, but fishing is actually a very active sport.  You go out looking for the fish, cashing them and pursuing them.”

Sunday, for family day, Brad will be giving away 40 rod-and-reel combos to kids, hoping to inspire the next generation to pick up the hobby.

(credit: Brad Petersen)

“I would love to see more kids get off the XBox and back to the tackle box.”

As an extra incentive, the International Sportsmen’s Expo is giving away 40 free kids fishing rods on Sunday and tons of tackle that Petersen can explain.


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