By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4) – One day after more than three dozen people were arrested for disrupting Gov. Jared Polis’ State of the State address to the Colorado Legislature, a major candidate for president chimed in. Democrat Bernie Sanders said on Twitter Friday that the protesters “deserve to be applauded.”

Bernie Sanders shakes hands with supporter before speaking at a rally at Civic Center Park on Sept. 9, 2019 in Denver.

Bernie Sanders shakes hands with supporter before speaking at a rally at Civic Center Park on Sept. 9 in Denver. (credit: Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

Sanders tweeted his support Friday morning.

The Sunrise Movement, a climate change activist group, tweeted out a live video of the protests on Thursday. After Colorado State Patrol troopers removed and arrested 38 people for disruption.

A total of 15 of those stayed in jail overnight. They draped a banner from the House chamber gallery that said “No Wells at Bella Romero. No More Sacrifice Zones.”


(credit: CBS)

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Many of the protesters were in court Friday morning and were released, about 24 hours after the protest, on personal recognizance bonds of $750. All involved faced Class-2 and Class-3 misdemeanor charges.

Dana Miller, one of those in Extinction Rebellion not taken into custody told reporters, “Extinction is happening now we will not be silenced. The people’s voices must be heard.”

The following video showing the arrests was posted to the Extinction Rebellion Facebook page. The disturbance begins approximately five minutes in.

Rick Sallinger

  1. Jim Smith says:

    Re: “No Wells at Bella Romero”

    “Green” proposals overlook the fact that almost all precursor organic chemicals used in medicines, plastics, fertilizer, building and electric wire insulation, wind turbine blades, battery electrolytes and housings, utility pipelines (water, sewer and natural gas) asphalt for roads and shingles, etc (the list is extremely long) comes from natural gas and oil which typically come out of the ground together from a well. In addition natural gas is used as a heat source in the manufacture of cement (for concrete), smelting for copper and glass and fiberglass and is the only viable source of some industrial gases – especially helium which is critical to some manufacturing processes, cryogenic cooling for MRI machines, nuclear weapons security and fuel tank pressurization for rockets. Note also, there is no retail market for coal. Its primary use is steel manufacturing and bulk delivery for reliable (outage proof) electric power generation while natural gas does have a retail market in that it is used to heat and cook food in about half the homes in the US as well as heat and cool some commercial buildings. Without fossil fuels, retrofitting these homes and buildings to use “green” electricity would be very expensive and in some cases next to impossible. Also, in the long run it would be smarter to focus on “clean” coal or nuclear for electricity because the consumer is going to be directly affected by the future price and availability of natural gas and wind and solar cannot store enough energy to maintain the base load or accommodate large, industrial electricity users like aluminum manufacturers.

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