From Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf and the team behind FBI comes FBI: Most Wanted. This new series is a high-stakes drama that focuses on the Fugitive Task Force, which relentlessly tracks and captures the notorious criminals on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list. The United States’ finest group of highly skilled agents functions as a mobile undercover unit that’s always out in the field, tirelessly pursuing those who are most desperate to elude justice. Overseeing the team is Jess LaCroix (Julian McMahon), a seasoned, enigmatic agent at the top of his game who is called upon to apprehend the most elusive and dangerous fugitives. His trusted crew includes Sheryll Barnes (Roxy Sternberg), an ex-NYPD detective with a psych degree and first-rate street smarts; analyst Hana Gibson (Keisha Castle-Hughes), a master of data-mining and social engineering; communications expert Kenny Crosby (Kellan Lutz), an Army intel vet Jess has taken under his wing; and Jess’ brother-in-law, Clinton Skye (Nathaniel Arcand), a deadly marksman with a law degree. These elite agents are always at the ready to answer the call, picking up the trail to hunt down and catch the “most wanted.”

Tuesday night’s episode entitled “Dopesick” sees Jess LeCroix and his elite team of FBI Fugitive Task Force agents track a doctor who’s deeply involved in a world of organized crime, drugs and lies, and is on the run after a phone call records him delivering his wife’s fatal shot. Be sure to tune in for the series premiere of FBI: Most Wanted, Tuesday, January 7th at 10:00PM, ET/PT, only on CBS. Check your local listings for more information.