DENVER (AP) – Colorado Democratic state Sen. Lois Court says she is resigning effective Jan. 16 due to health issues. A statement from majority Senate Democrats says Court has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare neurological and autoimmune disorder.

Lois Court (credit: Colorado)

GBS symptoms include muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis, but most people recover fully. Court represents parts of Denver and Arapahoe counties.

She has advocated for gun control and changes in state fiscal policy. She also was a leading proponent of the Colorado End of Life Options Act. A Democratic party district committee will choose a replacement for Court.

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  1. Michael Corn says:

    Rep Court has been a great representative of the people. I wish her and her family a long and fruitful life. I live in Capital Hill and her district changed, but she still kept in community relationships down to the neighborhoods and the people. She is a shinning example of a person who values truth. We will miss her.

  2. doris lackner says:

    very sad to learn that lois court is resigning. she has been a wonderful advocate for legislation that is so important, colorado end of life options. i hope she is replaced with someone who has the important priorities such a s gun control

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