By Michael Abeyta

MORGAN COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Law enforcement and government officials from the state and local levels have been busy this week. They are collecting data and investigating a series of drone sightings over north eastern Colorado that have residents feeling uneasy.

(credit: CBS)

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Monday, the Morgan County Sheriff is hosting a closed door meeting to discuss findings with those agencies. They say they hope to release more info to the public afterward.

(credit; CBS)

Currently there is no way to check who is flying a drone. The FAA has proposed a new rule which would require drone operators to share their information from their systems with the FAA while they operate – much like airplanes do.

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“That way law enforcement can tell who’s doing what, where,” said drone expert Kerry Garrison.

While most agree that’s not a bad idea, it’s just a proposal and drone experts say it needs a lot of work.

Garrison says, “It has major privacy concerns. It has major technical concerns.”

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It could be years before we see any rule like it take effect, but in the meantime if you see a drone one thing officials ask you not to do is shoot it down.

Michael Abeyta