DILLON, Colo. (CBS4) – Usually the construction season in the high country is a little rough this time of the year, but those folks are not building ice castles. Dillon offers some of the best conditions for ice work.

CBS4 cameras spotted “farmers” busy tending to their icy crops on Wednesday as temperatures hovered around 20 degrees.

(credit: CBS)

“We are actually harvesting our icicles,” Ice Castles company spokeswoman Anna Closser told CBS4. She says the harvest this year is bountiful thanks to Mother Nature.

“The tallest tower we had last year was 56 feet tall. We’re going to aim for that this year as well,” Closser said.

(credit: CBS)

Dillon is home to the Ice Castles which are taking shape now in a town park. Just as they have for the past two winter seasons, they expect to draw thousands of visitors to the small town in Summit County.

For Closser this is a job, but it’s also an adventure everyday.

“It’s very cold, but it’s also very fun. It’s nice to be able to be outdoors all day,” she explained.

Dozens of ice farmers hired on by the Ice Castles company are busy making and planting and watching the ice grow, trying to get as much done in the cold weather as possible with a short warmup on the way.

Finished ice castles (credit: CBS)

It could take as many as 4,000 hours to complete construction.

“We really just want to share it with people. It’s why we build it. It’s why we work all of these hours so that everyone can come and see what we have created with ice.”

(credit: CBS)

So the big question, “when will you get a chance to check this ice out for yourself?”

Workers say they’re shooting for right after Christmas to get the attraction open. Reservations will be available as soon as they finish.