DENVER (CBS4) – News/talk radio station 710 KNUS has canceled the Chuck & Julie show over controversial comments made by host Chuck Bonniwell. On his show Tuesday afternoon, Bonniwell mentioned the impeachment process of President Donald Trump and said, “You wish for a nice school shooting to interrupt.”

Julie Hayden and Chuck Bonniwell (credit: 710KNUS)

KNUS issued a statement on Twitter, calling the comment inappropriate and confirming that the program was canceled.

During the show Tuesday, Bonniwell’s co-host Julie Hayden responded to the comment and said, “No, don’t even say that! Don’t call us! Chuck didn’t say that.”

Chuck Bonniwell issued an apology Wednesday night on Twitter:

John Castillo, whose son, Kendrick Castillo, was killed in the STEM Highlands Ranch School shooting in May, called the comment “unbelievable” on Twitter.

“Where do we go from here, as I navigate through the loss of our son Kendrick and I meet with so many people I find that only a few do the right thing to make real change for the good to help our youth and others selfserving interest,” John Castillo wrote on Twitter.

Kendrick Castillo (credit: Charles Burroughs)

“He was my life,” Kendrick’s mother, Maria Castillo, said a court hearing for one of the two shooting suspects, Alec McKinney, 16. Her testimony brought the suspect to tears.

“Kendrick was the best son that I could have ever asked for, an amazing person,” Maria Castillo said in court. “He was a perfect son… a good student… a good friend.”

Kendrick Castillo and his Jeep. (credit: Castillo family)

McKinney and Devon Erickson, 18, are charged with the death of Castillo, and injuring eight other classmates during the attack on May 7.

Kendrick Castillo rushed one of the shooters, along with fellow students Brendan Baily and Joshua Jones.

Baily said Castillo was the first to react when the shooter entered the classroom.

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“Kendrick went out as a hero… he was a foot away from the shooter and instead of running away he ran toward it,” Bialy said. “Kendrick is like a bowling ball… the gunman was against the wall… he didn’t know what hit him.”

Brendan Bialy (CBS)

“He was a fantastic and wholesome person… top tier,” Bialy added. Bialy was not hurt in the shooting.

Jones was shot twice in the leg while trying to disarm one of the shooters.

Joshua Jones (credit: CBS)

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John Castillo said he feels it’s important for him to call attention to the problem of school shootings, and to continue to fight for justice in his son’s death. He and his wife drove their son’s beloved Jeep to every hearing for the suspects.

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John Castillo is scheduled to speak on KNUS Thursday afternoon, on the Steffan Tubbs Show.

“I see Kendrick’s face every day at my desk; covered NINE school shootings. They’re not funny,” Tubbs wrote on Twitter.

Colorado was the epicenter of one of the most prominent and devastating school shootings in America — 12 students and one teacher were killed at Columbine High School in Jefferson County on April 20, 1999.

There were also shootings at Platte Canyon High School In Bailey on Sept. 27, 2006, at Arapahoe High School in Centennial on Dec. 13, 2013, and at Deer Creek High School in Jefferson County on Feb. 23, 2010

As for Bonniwell, he also publishes the Cherry Creek/Glendale Chronicle. The cancellation of his show on KNUS comes one month after former KNUS host Craig Silverman claimed he was fired from the conservative station for criticizing President Trump.

Officials at KNUS said Silverman was not fired and his agreement with the station as an independent contractor is still in effect.
Silverman is now a columnist at the Colorado Sun. He told CBS4 he announced on KNUS that he thought he might be let go eventually, because he wanted to be a commentator about the president’s impeachment inquiry on other media channels. He added that he thinks talking about that topic on his show fast-tracked his dismissal. He also went on CNN to discuss the situation.

“Does it have to do with Donald Trump? I think so,” Silverman said. “I wanted to talk about the impeachment inquiry and a lot of these facts are very damning against Donald Trump.”

Brian Taylor, the Regional Vice President and General Manager of Salem Media Group told CBS4 the issue was about Silverman speaking on other media channels.

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor (credit: CBS)

“We asked Craig to not appear there because we consider him an important part of our team and we prefer that he not work for a competitor,” Taylor explained. “He decided it was important to work across town, and so on his program on Saturday, he announced that. And that’s what prompted our decision to take him off air.”

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  1. Blinky says:

    Hey Tubbs, how come you are on the air after sending videos to your gal pal and got arrested by the Denver Police Department and got immediately fired by iHeart Koa?. Martino gets arrested for far worse and he gets to stay on another iHeart station. Silverman had no listeners on saturdays in the morning…..this is the dead radio time for guys selling pills and business models.

  2. Aleric says:

    So its ok for CBS to put out EVERY LIE that Schiff has been spewing for years but mention something the hang ringing Left don’t like and you are banned. CENSORSHIP

  3. Hollywoodsucks says:

    Maybe he did go to far ,but it nothing like the obscene communist propaganda we get from mainstream media LIKE CBS 24/7 and Widland being a “neo-Nazi” is obsurd. Craig Silverman is a pompous lawyer with real bloated ego.

  4. silver fox says:

    cbs is a fking joke.

  5. matt coe says:

    at will employment is what it is.
    Kirk ‘the nazi” widlund still works there – so their boundary seems to be saying/doing offensive stuff on the air.

  6. Bill Jefferson says:


  7. Blinky says:

    Boyles wasn’t on this morning. I guess the Chuck and Julie roasting on a 5,000 watt directional station might have been too hot for Boyles to listen to from callers. Caplis went underground on the Silverman stuff…guess he was too concerned about the 50% take home on accidents and getting roasted.

  8. Denver-er says:

    Good riddance. These two are painful to listen to. Chuck is overwhelmingly pompous, condescending, prejudiced, cynical, and conspiratorial about absolutely everything, no matter what the topic. I’d rather sit in silence than hear these two whine for hours every day.

  9. Blinky says:

    Funny how Tubbs gets a job after being fired from KOA after getting arrested by the DPD for sending videos/texts/phone calls and Tom Martino gets to stay at iHeart after getting arrested for hitting his wife in the face. I guess ratings or money talk. Dumb comments or DPD arrests? Silverman should never be on after promoting his next gig on a competing station.

  10. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    So here’s the deal…the Radio station pays the talent to be “snarky” and when they are, and what they say strikes a nerve, they just fire the guy and hire another.
    Look at it this way….if Howard Stern said this would HE be fired? Hell no!

  11. rob bennett says:

    He only said openly what every news director in the business wishes for behind closed doors.

  12. James Rilley says:

    Just shoot him. That will shut him up.

  13. Jimmy says:

    What’s up, Chuck?

  14. KB says:

    I listen to that show everyday. Chuck is known for his sarcasm and I am sure he wishes he had a do-over on this. I understand the position that management was in and the decision they felt they had to make. What I do hope is that Julie is able to find her way back to the station, she is very entertaining ( love her laugh). These words did not come out of her mouth and she apologized for her husband immediately.

    1. Bob Javorcic says:

      Agree. Pooly chosen words, but right in there with his cynicism regarding the media. They will be missed. Also miss the Silverman before his “wokeness”, or whatever it was.

  15. Kyle D says:

    “I’m sorry it was not received that way” is not an apology.

  16. Tom Dockery says:

    Let’s get back to the TRUMP card:The birth certificate.Obama must be trembling that Biden will accidentally expose him under oath-or that he himself will be subpoenaed.

  17. metimoteo says:

    Wow, that was dumb statement by Chuck, but I think too many employers are quick to dismiss their workers for dumb comments.

    1. MJ Johnson says:

      You wouldn’t fire someone for wishing children to get shot in school? I sure wouldn’t want to have anyone like that working for or with me.

      1. Garrett Adams says:

        Do you honestly think he was wishing for children to be shot and killed? Do you not understand how sarcasm and jokes work? If your coworkers having a bad day and says “Ughh just shoot me.” are you the kinda person that thinks they are actually asking for someone to shoot them? FFS we need WW3.

        See, I’m not actually wishing for a global nuclear war, I’m just making a sarcastic joke about how so many people like you are stupid and take every single thing so seriously. It’s like context doesn’t exist to people like you.

        1. Anirudh says:

          Yes radio hosts do need to be witty and sarcastic but this was way beyond being dumb. Given the violence seen by teens in schools that is unprecedented anywhere in world among developed countries, I find this highly distasteful. No one is laughing specially the loved ones of the victims. It is not that he actually wished for it but what is shameful is the fact a grown functional man thought it would be appropriate to joke about it.

          1. Anon says:

            Ok, so you take him off the air for a week without pay. You don’t end someone’s career over one stupid thing they said. I don’t even know who these two are as I only followed a link to get here, so I’m neither a fan nor a critic of him. We’ve entered the age of no second chances it seems. Too bad,

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