AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Monday night, the Aurora City Manager Jim Twombly announced former U.S. Attorney for Colorado John Walsh will review the case of an Aurora police officer, Nate Meier. He was found drunk, on duty, in his patrol car, with the car running and his foot on the brake in March 2019 near Buckley Air Force Base.

Nate Meier (credit: CBS)

Aurora city officials say Walsh will conduct an independent, comprehensive review of how the department handled Meier’s case.

nate nathan meier aurora police

(credit: Aurora)

Meier admitted to going to his home and drinking vodka from a bottle. New video released by the department on Monday shows Meier passed out at the steering wheel.

nate nathan meier aurora police

(credit: Aurora)

First responders had to break the window to gain access to Meier.

“Walsh’s review will include APD’s response at the scene, the hospital and the subsequent investigation and disciplinary actions that were taken related to the case,” the city wrote in a news release on Monday.

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“It is in the public’s best interest, that a thorough outside examination take place to ensure our residents’ confidence in our Police Department and its leadership,” said Twombly.

John Walsh (credit: John Walsh)

Walsh is scheduled to begin reviewing the case immediately. The results will be released to the public.

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  1. Joe E Ross says:

    Walsh will fall for the Metz garbage instead of what happens if a non cop is found at 5 times the legal limit reeking of alcohol and carrying a loaded weapon. The cop protecting cop rule will always rule. Brauchler just gave probation to a former Aurora cop who looted their charity. Probation! If it were you and I we’d be locked up. Aurora is a crime infested joke compared to 1989.

  2. Tom Day says:

    Who are the golden boys in the legal community who have declared nothing amiss?

  3. soapweed says:

    With the golden boys of the legal community and the blue liners all declaring nothing amiss, we can hardly wait to see the commonly used criteria of the ‘keys in the car’ being debated in new cases. Fair is fair, and the righteous ones are setting the new example for us proles.

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