LAKE CITY, Colo. (CBS4)– A sheriff in southwestern Colorado who survived an avalanche is relocating. Hinsdale County Sheriff Justin Casey said he’s ready to move to a new area, one with less snow.

Justin Casey

Hinsdale County Sheriff Justin Casey and his two daughters, Sara and Kristy (credit: CBS)

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(credit: Casey Family)

It was before dawn on March 12 in Hinsdale County when the family, Casey and his two daughters, Sara and Kristy, were sleeping in their home near Lake City. The avalanche started in the mountains above their home and came crashing down off Hinsdale County Road 30.

The home before the avalanche (credit: Casey Family)

It was the beginning of an historic avalanche event in the area of southwest Colorado often considered a peaceful, small town mountain retreat. At least a dozen homes were urged to voluntarily evacuate along Bluff Street in Lake City and other hillsides after that slide took out the Casey home.

The avalanche destroyed the home, splintering it into pieces and burying the family under feet of household items, furniture, trees, mountain debris and packed snow.

(credit: Casey Family)

In his resignation letter, Casey acknowledged that the slide has take a toll on his life. He plans to move somewhere with less snow, or at least, “where the snow doesn’t move so much.”


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