By Eric Christensen

(CBS4) – A current proposal by Major League Baseball could have a major impact on the sport’s minor league system. MLB is discussing a proposal which would eliminate 40 minor league baseball teams and restructure how the minor leagues are organized as far as affiliation and the geography of the leagues.

(credit: Evan Semón/CBS4)

If the proposal became a reality, more than three dozen cities would lose teams and thousands of minor league baseball players would be out of work.

The Professional Baseball Agreement between Major League Baseball and minor league teams expires at the end of the 2020 season. This proposal is just one idea which will be part of what’s expected to be long negotiations.

Currently minor league baseball controls their teams and leagues, but this proposal would shift ownership to Major League Baseball.

(credit: CBS)

MLB says the proposal is a way to improve working conditions for MiLB players, including their compensation, transportation and hotel accommodations. It would also provide better geographic affiliations between major league clubs and their affiliates.


There are two minor league teams in Colorado which could be affected. The Grand Junction Rockies, the club’s rookie affiliate and the Rocky Mountain Vibes in Colorado Springs which is the Milwaukee Brewers minor league affiliate.

Before the 2021 minor league season begins, Minor League Baseball and MLB must agree to a new PBA and both sides must ratify it.

Eric Christensen


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