COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– One week after two apartment complexes in Colorado Springs were evacuated because of asbestos contamination, the investigation has spread to seven apartment complexes. Those complexes are owned by Denver-based Slipstream Properties.

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People living at the Parks Edge – formerly known as Pine Creek – and the Shannon Glen Apartments were given notice to evacuate one week ago.

“It is rough because it is the middle of the month, it’s going to be Christmas. Now my kids have lost their Christmas toys because we have to find a new place,” said resident Alena Salazar.

(credit: CBS)

The State of Colorado is investigating the complexes and wants to know if the owners broke any laws while completing renovations.

Asbestos was banned in 1989 but can still be found in older buildings, mostly in insulation.

It is unclear when the residents will be allowed to return home.

(credit: CBS)

There have also reportedly been looters who have hit the apartment complexes making off with belongings tenants had to leave behind.

  1. Paula Rhoads says:

    As a former property adjuster, I need to ask if the apartments mentioned had asbestos in the insulation or in other materials. Some asbestos does not need to be removed, but can be contained. For example, many homes built before the 1989 date have asbestos in the popcorn texture on ceilings, but there is no need to remove it unless there is damage to it that would release it into the air you breathe. Also, there are many asbestos shingles and there is no need to disturb them.

    Also, asbestos may be the sticking point on the Old VA Hospital, which I would like to see converted to an Old Soldier’s Home. But I know an engineer involved with this in the past, who has said that it wraps pipes above ceilings in hallways. He said the straight portions were already contained by plastic tubes snapped around it, but the pipes turning corners were not covered.

    The Old VA Hospital is a ten story brick building the VA abandoned to the City of Denver.

    You need to remember that Colorado has about 4,000 homeless veterans, despite media reports there are 62,000 to 67,000 homeless vets in the nation. That averages to 1,300 per state. But Colorado has more than 3 times our share. Why? We have several military bases? Or we are heartless and busy reading stupid magazines about Denver being the ideal place to sin?

    Our vets deserve better. That building is already paid for. Sure, asbestos removal is expensive. For that building, maybe $600,000. Or more. But it is do-able. Much less than getting a ballot initiative, or petition signatures. Much less than bulldozing, getting a developer, finding a contractor, years of dust, noise and traffic problems.

    Instead of letting that snooty rich neighborhood decide they need another shopping mall, while online shopping is leaving stores in trouble, how about recognizing we owe our veterans better?

    We already own that building. Recycle it. Contain the asbestos with Saranwrap.

    Paula Rhoads Hook

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