By CBS4 Political Specialist Shaun Boyd

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – An outbreak of whooping cough in Boulder has now spread to five schools. It comes as lawmakers convene a vaccine summit at the state Capitol.

Boulder High School

Boulder High School (credit: CBS)

The lawmakers will hear from people on both sides of the issue at the summit, which takes place in a couple of weeks. There could be a record number, at least a half dozen, vaccine-related bills this upcoming session. Not all will be about improving vaccination rates. There will also be bills to protect the rights of parents who want to opt out.

(credit: CBS)

Immunization is one of the most contentious issues at the state Capitol. Hundreds of people showed up last year for a bill that would have made exemptions more difficult. This session, an outbreak of pertussis in Boulder County will likely fan the flames this session.

Boulder High School

Boulder High School (credit: CBS)

The county has 78 cases, up from about 58 cases in a typical year. The school district stepped up enforcement of a law requiring parents turn in their kids’ vaccination records or an exemption form. The district says it was missing records on 5,000 kids at the beginning of the school year and now just 23 are missing. About 4% of children in the district are not vaccinated.

The pertussis vaccine is not 100% protective and it can wear off over time. Colorado sees pertussis epidemics about every three to five years and the last one was in 2012. At this point, state health officials are not overly concerned. Cases of pertussis statewide are down compared to last year.

Shaun Boyd

  1. Pamela says:

    No vaccine is 100% effective, and many are not effective at all. One problem with vaccines is they do not confer lifetime immunity, but becoming exposed to the actual disease, and getting through it, which happens in almost ALL cases, confers lifetime immunity to that strain of Pertussis. I had pertussis as a child, and so did all my adult children; we are all immune for life.
    I don’t know if they ever was more than one strain of Pertussis,, but I do know that measles, for instance, in a vaccination, is an entirely different strain than natural measles. Most if not all of the measles outbreaks over the years have happened in vaccinated people, and the strain identified was the strain from the vaccine. That doesn’t make the news, but it is the truth. Do enough digging and you will find that we have been lied to extensively, by the CDC and the pharmaceutical companies, who profit from the vaccinations. Other huge problems with vaccines are the neurological disorders that can and DO result in a certain % of the population. WE are trying to live in a germ-free world, and expecting to still interact with people, animals and nature. It isn’t happening that way. Play in the dirt. Eat food as close to the organic source as you can get it. Don’t be freaked out by germs. Live. And if you want to vaccinate yourself and your offspring, by all means, do so. Just don”t try to tell me that YOUR vaccination “won’t work”, because I choose not to inject myself and my family with toxins. This article isn’t leaning strongly in that direction, but most articles about “outbreaks” are. The thinking is faulty. Do some REAL research, not just studies paid fro by the companies who make the vaccines. Talk to parents of vaccine-injured children.

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