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DENVER (CBS4) – When you own a small business, you’re selling more than product. For such entrepreneurs in Colorado, the process is priceless but they put a price tag on their passion to make a living. More than 300 small business owners will set up inside the Denver Sports Castle this month for Fetch Holiday Market. The event will take place over three weekends, beginning on Small Business Saturday.

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“You can get everything from art to skin care, food, jewelry,” said Blake Adams, Founder of Fletch Markets, “All of these people are creating things and selling pieces of themselves in a sense.”

Small businesses foster local economies and provide support within communities. According to Adams, the reward for shopping small is much bigger than the price.

“Ask them how they got started and what’s next. You’re going to make some great connections while you’re here,” said Adams.

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Be A Good Person, one of many Colorado-based companies at Fetch Holiday Market, says they’re selling more than a product — they’re selling a message.

The apparel company uses four small words, BE A GOOD PERSON, to inspire something much bigger.

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“It’s not be a good white person, be a good black person, be a good straight person, be a good Republican person. It’s just about being a good person. The thing is, there’s a million ways to do it. That’s why this message is cool, because anybody that wears it can find something they believe in it that’s independent and unique,” said Darian Simon, co-founder of Be A Good Person.

Simon and co-founder Julian Donaldson came up with the idea in their Aurora basement. Their art teacher at the time challenged them to create something that has an impact. They now have a clothing store in RiNo. Be A Good Person has been seen on the shirts and hats of people all across the country.

“It eliminates the far side over here and far side over there. It brings us back to a middle ground,” said Donaldson, “People are finding they have something in common with a person they never thought they’d have something in common with.”

Donaldson says he’s most proud of the work they’ve done with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Since 2016, Be A Good Person has worked with the Make-A-Wish organization to raise nearly $575,000. Donaldson says they hope to expand into anti-bullying campaigns.

It’s a simple message, by a small business, that’s made a huge impact.

“People say they’ve worn the shirt and others have offered to buy their meal or buy their groceries. It inspires kindness. It should be cool to be a good person. It should be cool to be positive to one another,” said Simon.

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