DENVER (CBS4) — One day after the storm, the attention turned to clearing snow from the roads and sidewalks. Randy Kilbourn, who relies on his wheelchair to get around, says snow and ice can change everything about his day.

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“This can be an issue right here, because if I try to go into that I will get stuck,” he said approaching the intersection at Colfax and Logan.

If that happens he’s at the mercy of others.

“I rock, I wait for someone to come along and help me push me,” he says.

Kilbourn took CBS4 reporter Karen Morfitt along as he attempted to get downtown from his home near 14th and Logan in Capitol Hill neighborhood.

(credit: CBS)

What they found were lots of obstacles.

“Is this something you would even attempt to go through?” Morfitt asked about a crosswalk along the way.

“Not this, no way, “he answered.

From the sidewalk onto the street, ADA accessible ramps were buried — a responsibility that typically falls on property owners.

Piles of snow pushed to the side by plows filled the gutter and curb, an issue that the city says on their website can be reported to 311 and maintenance crews will handle.

Kilbourn says he’s called — and it can take days and can keep him from going out at all.

(credit: CBS)

“Many times, many times. I’ve not been able to go to work. Luckily, sometimes, with my job, I can work from home but there’s a lot of times I can’t get off my block for two or three days,” he said.

On Wednesday, a detour kept Kilbourn moving toward his destination, but not for long.

“When it snows everywhere, people shovel these sidewalks but nobody shovels this — it’s the mouth of the alley, they figure they don’t need to shovel it,” he said.

That was the end of the line for Kilbourn.

His hope is that bringing attention to his struggles will be enough to spark change.

“Everybody’s out here living their lives like normal and I would like to do the same thing,” Kilbourn said.

CBS4 did reach out to the City’s community planning and development department as well as public works to ask about the alleyway and Kilbourns other concerns, and have not heard back.


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