By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – Temperatures were in the 20’s Tuesday and snow was piled high on sidewalks, driveways and front yards, but none of that could even slow down Jose Martin and his route as a United States Postal Service Mail Carrier.

Jose Martin didn't let Tuesday's snow storm deter him from delivering the mail in Denver.

Jose Martin didn’t let Tuesday’s snow storm deter him from delivering the mail in Denver. (credit: CBS)

“When I first saw the forecast I thought, oh man it’s going to be a brutal day,” said Martin. “I started walking and I’m like, you know what? It’s not that bad. It’s quiet, kids are home from school, a lot of people are home from work but we’re out here doing our thing. Delivering every house that we can and try to stay safe while we do it. “

Martin followed the company advice and layered up. On Tuesday as dusk approached, he was wearing four layers of clothes. His personal preference is for heat warmers in his gloves and wool socks. No matter the weather, he was one more thing, a never-ending smile.

(credit: CBS)

“He’s been our mailman for over five years now and is the most reliable guy I know,” said Mike Lampe about his mailman who he’s become friendly with. “We just love him because he’s so reliable and he’s always out here making sure we get our mail and even on a day like this.”

Martin has even been idolized by kids in the neighborhood. One dressed up as him for “dress like a hero day” at school.

A local kid dressed up as Jose Martin at her school's "dress like a hero" day.

A local kid dressed up as Jose Martin at her school’s “dress like a hero” day. (credit: Neighbor)

“You don’t think of yourself as the hero but in his eyes, I’m the eyes on the neighborhood, I keep an eye on everybody and he saw me like a hero and I thought that was really cool,” Martin said.

Martin will be back on Wednesday when temperatures are even lower but he’ll hopefully have a little less snow to battle. Cold, snowy days can add up to three hours to his route. He normally walks about 30,000 steps as me makes the quickest, safest way from house to house.

“I find it easier on myself to be smiling all the time,” he said. “I love my job. I love the people; they make me happy.”

Jeff Todd


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