By Dominic Garcia

DENVER (CBS4) – A big art project is turning heads in Montbello. Located at the corner of Peoria Boulevard and Andrews Drive you can find a mural that’s longer than a football field called “Home Sweet Montbello.” The city commissioned Thomas Evans, known as Detour, to create the project.

montbello canal mural

An artist creates an elaborate mural in a Montbello canal. (credit: CBS)

“This took me about two weeks to sort of paint. It was a long process to learn how to paint something this large. I’ve never done anything like that,” Evans told CBS4’s Dominic Garcia.

The mural was painted in bright colors and covers large section of an old drainage canal. On one side it reads “Home Sweet Montbello.” On the other it says, “Seize the Day.”

montbello canal mural

(credit: CBS)

“The goal was basically to provide something really visual, something that stood out with color and imagery, but also the text that the neighborhood and community can be proud of,” said Evans.

montbello canal mural

(credit: CBS)

The project was done in coordination with Denver Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore. Montbello has 8.5 miles of canals and this is part of an effort to repurpose and beautify them. Another Mural by artist Pat Milbery can be found near the high school. This most recent project took got the attention of Mayor Michael Hancock and earned Evans a 2019 Mayor’s Design Award.

“You just see it as a place where water runs through, leaves collect and debris collects. But now people drive by and see “Home Sweet Montbello” and people are like I like that.”

There are plans for more projects like this, and the city wants community input. Anyone interested can contact Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore’s office.

Dominic Garcia


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