By Ashton Altieri

DENVER (CBS4) — A westerly flow in the upper atmosphere above the Front Range prompted many amazing photos of standing lenticular waves (clouds) over the weekend, and particularly during sunset on Sunday. Anne Sagebiel captured an spectacular images of the waves over Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora and shared them on the CBS4 Weather Watchers Facebook page.

(credit: Anne Sagebiel)

These clouds form when air traveling west encounters the Front Range mountains and is forced upward. The disruption in the flow of air is called an eddy which is simply an area of turbulence in the air.

This is why planes arriving or departing from Denver will often experience turbulence on days when these lenticular clouds are visible. And when atmospheric conditions cooperate like they did on Sunday, lenticular clouds can become stacked above the crest of each successive wave, creating an incredible view!

Ashton Altieri

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