By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4) – For years, attorney Craig Silverman had a Saturday radio show on KNUS in Denver. That was until Saturday Nov. 16 when the station shut it down.

Craig Silverman (credit: CBS)

“I never expected it to end this way,” said Silverman. “And to do it in the manner that they did it, shutting off my mic. Replacing the sound. Program director comes in and says ‘you’re done.’ Are you kidding me?”

Mid-show Silverman was terminated. He says he thought he might be let go eventually because he wanted to appear in other media as a commentator talking about the impeachment inquiry and his bosses didn’t like that. He thinks talking about the topic on his show hastened their decision.

(credit: CBS)

“Salem (Media Group) from corporate in California on down is seriously pro Trump,” he said. “So does it have to do with Donald Trump? I think so. I wanted to talk about the impeachment inquiry and a lot of these facts are very damning against Donald Trump.”

Steffan Tubbs, a current employee at KNUS, tweeted Saturday he thinks this was a plan concocted by Silverman so he can appear in other media.

“I’m not surprised that media personalities dependent on their livelihood at Salem will take a party line against me,” Silverman said.

He admits he would like to stay in media as a commentator, but this wasn’t a plan to get fired. For now, he is a full-time attorney and will stay busy with that, but he still wants the radio station let his listeners hear his show.

“Put up my podcast so people can hear what I said.”

CBS4 reached out to Salem Media and the radio station for comment Sunday, but received no response. The radio station announced a news conference at 6:15 p.m.

Michael Abeyta

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  1. TomB says:

    I’m watching for developments. I’ll follow Silverman, as well as Kafer and Walsh, rather than follow the station. KNUS has what’s become a fairly classic conservative/Christian model, which I would normally consider myself a general fan, if not a strict subscriber. It revolves around a “show me the money” theme. See their two joint operations with Colorado Republicans (“don’t bother me kid, I’m making money here!”) of the past spring/summer season. I think their support of the Dennis Prager movie is more of the same. Don’t want to allow any revenue to flake and peel off the sides of the dollar-stream. What you channel first before anything else is the almighty dollar.
    What’s really unfortunate here is that they are NOT entrepreneurial enough to figure out how to get a piece of the Silverman action

  2. Tarre B Smith says:

    I’m glad. I can’t stand him and I’m so glad he’s gone. I also hate his “diamond” commercials featuring his spoiled wife. Put Randy Corchoran in that spot.

  3. Silverman has always been all ego and mouth. His ego couldn’t take being relegated to Saturday only so he’s gonna jump on the ‘Orange Man Bad’ train. First it was Russia, now it’s Ukraine while the real Ukraine corruption is with Joe and Hunter Biden.

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