By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4)– More and more scientists and researchers are starting to realize the effects plastics have on our world. A rainfall survey, titled “It is raining plastic,” put together by scientists at the U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Geological Survey found micro plastics in Colorado rain.

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On Thursday, a group of local politicians and activists gathered at the state Capitol to call on Colorado lawmakers to do more.

“We would like to introduce a bill this session that will restrict the use of polystyrene commonly known as Styrofoam from food establishments. We also want to restore local control to cities and counties, that they get to make the decision on restricting single-use plastics,” said Hannah Collazo of Environment Colorado.

Madhvi Chittoor

Madhvi Chittoor (credit: CBS)

“I’m a no Styrofoam ninja,” said Madhvi Chittoor a local youth activist as she showed off her T-shirt, “I want everyone to do the four R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.”

She gave a speech to the crowd. She said it’s time for people to push their local politicians to do more and she is leading by example.

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“I met with Mr. Perlmutter the U.S. Congressman and former Gov. John Hickenlooper to make April ‘Styrofoam Awareness Month,’” said Madhvi.

She hopes lawmakers will get involved but knows ultimately the biggest impact can be made by everyday Coloradans, “Pause and think prior to any plastic consumption to break free from plastics.”

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Denver City Council Woman Kendra Black also spoke and announced she’s working on legislation for 2020 to implement a bag fee similar to the one in Boulder and other Colorado communities for the City of Denver.

Michael Abeyta


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