By Conor McCue

ARVADA, Colo., (CBS4) – After a young brother and sister in Arvada missed Halloween this year, community members came together to organize a belated celebration. Two weeks ago, Leah and Noah Giles weren’t able to trick or treat like they do every year. At the time, their mom was in the hospital for ongoing medical issues.

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“She called me really upset about not being able to take them, and so I figured I needed to do something to get the kids to trick or treat and get some candy,” said Ashley Baker, a close family friend. “So I made the post in the Arvada neighbors group, and this is where we are.”

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Baker’s initial idea was to find a few houses to take the Giles kids to trick or treat. She got so many responses, she organized a “trunk or treat” instead, where anyone could come to a designated parking lot and offer candy out of the trunk of their car.

On Saturday, several rows of the parking lot at Arvada Covenant Church were full of cars draped in Halloween decorations. The rows of cars were book ended by an Arvada Police cruiser, fire engine, and animal management car.

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Leah and Noah, both wearing their Halloween costumes, collected candy as if it were Oct. 31.

“It was all a surprise to me,” said Staci Giles. “For the community to come together and do something for your children, it’s really shocking.”

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“I think it’s great how our community comes together. This isn’t the first time, and it’s not going to be the last time we come together to help somebody,” said Baker. “There’s a lot of ugly in this world, and to see something so amazing come out of this is amazing and I love it.”

Conor McCue


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