By Ashton Altieri

DENVER (CBS4) – After multiple records were set last week for cold and snow, temperatures this week will be much closer to average while virtually the entire state stays dry for at least the next 5 days.

In addition to several record low and record “coldest high” temperatures last week, Thursday was the fifth coldest Halloween on record and contributed to October ranking as the 4th coldest and the 12th snowiest on record in Denver.

This week will be very different thanks to the jet stream setting up in a different location.Last week the jet stream was south and west of Colorado allowing cold arctic air to invade while a long line of passing upper-level storm systems caused snow. This week the jet stream will be mainly north and east of Colorado meaning storms will mainly miss our state while temperatures are able to stay closer to normal for early November.

(source: CBS)

By Friday and Saturday the jet stream should shift far enough east to allow the ridge of high pressure responsible for the unusually warm weather on West Coast this week to further warm up temperatures in Colorado.

(source: CBS)

It doesn’t last long. The jet stream will shift west again on Sunday and steers a storm system into Colorado that should bring snow back to the mountains for the first time in well over a week. A few flurries also look possible for the Denver metro area next Sunday and Monday (November 10-11.

Ashton Altieri


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