BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A survey conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder found a majority of polled Colorado voters approve of impeachment proceedings of President Donald Trump and legalized sports betting.

The university’s American Political Research Lab conducted the annual Colorado Political Climate Survey. They surveyed 800 registered Colorado voters.

According to the data, 56% of surveyed Colorado voters support impeachment proceedings against the president; 37% oppose them.

Additionally, 62% of registered voters are in favor of legalized sports betting, known as Prop DD on the ballot. The proposition calls for tax revenue to be used for water projects.

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Meanwhile, half of registered voters oppose Prop CC which would allow the state to keep money it usually gives back to taxpayers and would instead spend it on education and transportation, effectively dismantling TABOR. Of those surveyed, 43% say they are in favor; 7% are unsure.

LINK: Colorado Political Climate Survey


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