DENVER (CBS4)– The bitter cold temperatures combined with snow kept visitors away from the Denver Zoo on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the zoo reopened to visitors, although an hour later than normal.

Denver Zoo snow

A peacock sits in the snow at the Denver Zoo (credit: CBS)

The extreme cold meant zookeepers had to take special care of the animals.

While the misconception may be to keep the animals inside, away from the elements, that’s not always the case. Their care is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Denver Zoo snow

A giraffe hangs out in the indoor enclosure at the Denver Zoo (credit: CBS)

Denver Zoo Communications Director Jake Kubie talked specifically about the sea lions.

Denver Zoo snow

(credit: CBS)

“So these guys, their native range is from the Northwest region of the U.S. all the way down to the Baja Peninsula, so these guys are used to a wide range of temperatures. We have Duke right behind us swimming around. And this is an area that we make really comfortable for the animals, so this pool is heated to about 57-58 degrees. You can see the steam rising so he’s having a great time in there,” said Kubie.

At Predator Ridge, the African lions, spotted hyenas and Afrian wild dogs pile up on certain stones. That’s because those are heated!


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