AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Aurora shared a few new details on Friday about an officer-involved shooting at a home in the 1500 block of South Bahama Street. Andrew Huff was shot through the home’s window by police there earlier this month and badly injured.

Andrew Huff

Andrew Huff (credit: Aurora Police)

The shooting happened on Oct. 10 when Aurora police officers went to Huff’s home, located near Tower Road and Louisiana Avenue.

A few days after the shooting, police released body cam footage showing what they say is Huff holding a rifle right before shots were fired.

An image from the body cam of an Aurora police officer before Andrew Huff was shot Oct. 10, 2019 (credit: Aurora Police)

Police indicated that Huff knew he was in the midst of an encounter with police when he had the rifle in his hand.

Officers said it began when they arrived at the home on reports of a physical disturbance. Huff was standing by his truck, then ran into the home as officers approached and watched officers out the front window. The officer responding waved to Huff while another approached the front door. That’s when Huff disappeared from view.

Huff returned to the same window, this time holding a shotgun. That’s when one of the responding officers discharged their weapon.

aurora officer involved shooting on South Bahama Street

Copter4 image of the scene of the shooting on South Bahama Street in Aurora (credit: CBS)

Aurora Deputy Chief Paul O’Keefe spoke about the investigation and two other recent investigations involving officers in a news conference on Friday morning.

“There is no doubt in my mind Mr. Huff knew it was the police that were there and went and grabbed that firearm anyway,” said O’Keefe.

Paul O'Keefe

Aurora Deputy Police Chief Paul O’Keefe (credit: CBS)

On Friday, Huff’s mother Christine McGhee told reporters she disagrees with that.

“They’re not telling the truth. My son did not know it was the police in his front yard. He would never put his family in danger. He thought it was the roommate coming back to harm them and everyone in the home can tell you they did not know the police were there,” she said.

Christine McGhee

Christine McGhee (credit: CBS)

“I think what this is reflective of is a general sense that officers have more time than they actually have to make what are life and death decisions in a matter of moments,” O’Keefe said.

Huff’s parents insist their son thought a former roommate had come back to the home after an earlier fight.

Andrew Huff

Andrew Huff in the hospital (credit: Christine McGhee)

“If the police wanted to interview him, they wouldn’t have snuck up,” said McGhee.

Officers fired several rounds at Huff. He was injured, shot in the buttocks and remains in the hospital.

“The infection almost killed him, he is on a ventilator he can’t breathe,” said McGhee.

Huff faces charges in connection with the shooting.

“He is facing charges, certainly to the assault that occurred earlier in the day and any additional charges that come out of the officer-involved shooting,”said O’Keefe.


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